Atrocious Street Parking In Toronto

Jul 28, 2015


Is this car parked or just abandoned on the streets of Toronto? This street parking job is so bad you can't be sure.


This car is parked so badly it's hard to know if it just died in that spot or this was actually an attempt at street parking. In fairness the nose is angled in towards the curb just slightly, which might suggest it was a feeble attempt at parking, but it could just as easily be that the driver made a heroic attempt to pull the car over as it died and came to a complete stop.

Unfortunately this is actually a truly pathetic attempt at parking here in Toronto. I watched this car cruise up the street and then just stop, the exact same distance from the curb it had been travelling, before the owner and passenger jumped out.




Please note that there are no cars behind them. This was not a brave attempt at getting into a difficult spot. They could have just glided up nice and close to the curb, every street parker's dream, instead they just applied the brakes and got out.

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