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Running Apache Alongside FileMaker Server 13

If you are interested in the tricky configuration required to run FileMaker Server 13 and the standard Apache server on OS X Mavericks server this may help.
It seems like there are a few FileMaker developers that want to run FileMaker Server 13 (for hosting FileMaker databases) and the Apache in the OS X Mavericks Server app (for…

Thanks to Rod Crittenden of the Michigan Floral Association

Rod Crittenden of the Michigan Floral Association has been a true pleasure to work with as we finalized the participation of FloristWare in two upcoming industry events – the Great Lakes Floral Expo and the WUMFA Annual Convention.
  Over the last few weeks I've been working a lot with Rod Crittenden (CEO of the Michigan Floral Association, organizer of the Great Lakes Floral Expo and possibly some other…

Why Yelp is More Important Than You Think - Full Text

As promised the full text of the article that began life as "Why Yelp is More Important Than You Think" is now available on the FloristWare website.
  As promised I've added the full text from the article that started out as "Why Yelp is More Important Than You Think" to the FloristWare website. This article was written…

What Do Driving and SEO Have in Common?

SEO abounds with self-appointed experts. Here are some basic suggestions from someone who cheerfully admits to not being an expert (and is not trying to see you SEO services).
  It seems like everyone claims to be an expert at both. I am definitely not an expert. I'm lucky enough to be close to some people that can legitimately claim expert SEO…

Yelp For Florists in January 2014 Floral Management

Yelp represents an exciting (and often overlooked) opportunity for florists that want to increase their sales. More information appears in the January 2014 edition of Floral Management.
  Back at the end of November I mentioned an article I had been working on for Floral Management - about Yelp and how retail florists can use it to help increase their sales.…

Big Changes at FlowerChat

There are big changes taking place at FlowerChat (now called the Florist 2.0 Community) that promise to make the largest online florist community even better.
 There are some big changes happening at FlowerChat - one of my favourite online industry resources. Founded eleven years ago by Ryan Freeman (of Martin's the Flower People, a…