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Daniel Gagan of Forest Mist

More information on the extremely talented Daniel Gagan of Forest Mist and our experience working with him.
  Over the past year I've been working on some new websites (including this one). Progress has only been possible because of the dedication of Daniel Gagan - an amazing IT…

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Why Yelp is More Important Than You Think: An Article for Floral Management

Trying to get an article on Yelp (as it relates to retail florists) down to 800 words for publication in Floral Management. That means cutting some good content.
  Renato Sogueco and the editors of Floral Management have been kind enough to let me provide an article for an upcoming edition of the magazine. It's on Yelp, why it is more…

Thanks to Two Very Smart & Helpful People

Just a quick thank you to Renato & Joe at SAF.
I just wanted to thank two of my favorite people at SAF: Joe Aldeguer and Renato Sogueco of SAF (the Society of American Florists). Both do great work at SAF and on behalf of…