Cron Web Application/Services Development

Jan 06, 2016


A collaborator has founded Cron to provide web application/services & API development along with systems integration and DevOps release management.


For a few years Dario Duvnjak has been an essential collaborator on a number of projects. Most notably he has helped us deploy/harden and maintain a number of Mac OS X servers dedicated to a number of tasks including web, FileMaker Server and SugarCRM.

Along the way he has worked a few miracles, including getting FileMaker Server 13 to run alongside an existing Apache web server. These were things that we often assumed couldn't be done (no harm in asking though, and I'm glad we did) or were outright told could not be done by other admins. Dario has always surprised and delighted by making things work, quickly and stably.

Initially there was some concern about going overseas for this work due to some bad experience with other contractors. Ultimately there was no choice, we simply could not find anyone if North America that could do the work we need. Luckily any concerns were ungrounded – communication has never once been an issue.

Dario is now part of the team behind Cron, a small group of engineers with over twenty years of combined experience in software development and operations. Cron is a client centric IT firm offering a wide range of IT services for international clients. Services include deployment, development, consulting and outsourcing to ensure all clients receive the service and support they need. They use DevOps principles and the latest tools and technologies to ensure quality of service meet the needs of their clients.


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